at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. .

Your Presence

I can still remember those nights
Those quite nights
When I would lay my head to His chest
And try as I might
My soul found no rest. . .
The simple beat of his heart
Pails in comparison
To the
Rhythmic melodies
Yours would play as you slept.
I can still remember those nights.
Those quite nights
When I would lay my head to Your chest
And with ease
My soul
Found rest. . .
Silent I laid
and just listened.
While others counted sheep
I was counting
Each breath you took
Those breaths
Your breaths
With each I became more
Just to be in your presence.


My Muse

Forever its been
Since I picked up a pen
And allowed
My soul to lose control
On paper.
But after I did
When I was finished
All that remained
Where bruises.
Black and blue
The ink that punished
Lines ment to maintain order
Yet orderly is
Neater here nor there
In terms of
See what had happen was
For the first time
In a long time
I felt my heart begin to flutter
I couldn’t help but stutter
And its all because of you. . .
My muse


He wanted it
And I told him
So now
Just cause
I refuse to
Myself to be
Used and abused
Strictly for physical
He no longer wants to
Got damn
Aint that a shame
That’s just lame.
They see the cute
Little frame
And assume I have
No brain
Well guess what
I’m here to change the game.
These cookies
my cookies
R not no free
U can call me
Or full of myself
But my main focus
Is me
My physical
My mental
My spiritual health.
I’m saving it for marriage
And abstaining from sex
So from here on out
You can miss
Me with them
Nasty dirty ass
Pic of the penis text.
Mind Body and Soul
are in preparation
For my next major
Steps in life
The ones
Down the aisle.
I’m over this dating game
I’m officially waiting
For that man
The one
Who is
Going to change my last name
I no longer want to be a
But am instead
Trying to be his
Hugs and kisses

I understand
That somewhere along
The way we got lost
We got off track
Let’s squash all that
And get us back.
We both
Said some things
Did some things
We didn’t mean
All that considered
I know you miss your
I know I miss my
Just let me know
Are you willing to forgive?
Let’s live and let live
And get back on the path to happiness

It Hurts

All I want you to do
Is sit.
Just sit and listen
To what I have to say.
I mean
please just be still
Be easy
And allow me to get this off my
I must caution u
That the words I’m about to speak
May damage your ego
And make your heart go
But you know that they
Say about the
It hurts.
I would like to articulate that
I love you
And nothing will ever change that
But despite popular belief
I know in my heart
That I don’t want you back
thats truth baby that’s fact
I’m ready to close the cheaper
Burn the fucking book
All the butterflies
In the stomach
Along with the googley eyes
Lost in hour long
Them feelings have been shook
Shaken, there gone
My heart skips not beats
When your name is spoke
But instead now the taste of vomit
Fills the back of my throat
But you know that they
Say about the
It hurts.
I used to think that you
Where the one God made for me
And that one day
We’d meet in front of the priest
And exchange I do’s
But that was all just a dream
In all actuality
Our reality
Was nothing more
Then a Freddy Kroger sweet dream
A nightmare
But you know that they
Say about the
It hurts.
I want to leave you with this
If you hear nothing else I say
Today I need you to understand
That you are the
Worst thing that could
Happen to a female
The most awful type of man
I would not
Wish you upon
My worst enemy
But you know that they
Say about the
it hurts

Some people would say that you never existed
That I was in no way far
Enough along to feel like
I do
But damn it
That just not true
You where someone to me
As so as I found
I was a mommy to be
But now I’m not any more because your gone
Lost to me forever
For reason unexplained
I will never get to
Hold you
Or see you smile
Never even had the opportunity
To give you a name
Im told that everything happens for a reason
And that for you to be taken
Is just Gods way of preparing me for something
But what could
Have been better then my first born?
Even though I never got
To meet you
Mommy loves you.

You are the last person with whom I wish to speak
Can you please
Please grant me this one simple request
And stay out of my dreams
Its like
As of late
At night
When I lay down
To rest
From a long hard day
I’m confronted with images of you
Instead of relaxing and rejuvenating for the next day.
The sweet bliss of sleep
Comes not to me.
Instead I wake
Exhausted from
Having spent the night Running
From bad dreams